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The policy of «RTC»(«РТС») LLP
in the field of ecological management system

The first place in the Environmental Management System LLP «RTC» («RTC") seeks to safeguard the environment.

Management LLP «RTC» («RTC") and all staff undertake to endeavor to contribute to the maintenance of acceptable environmental conditions, strictly following these rules:

1. Create the conditions in which products and services TOO «RTC» («RTC") do not cause harm to the environment.
2. Comply with environmental regulations.
3. Develop and implement measures for the rational use of energy, water consumption and paper.
4. Require that contractors and subcontractors LLP «RTC» («RTC") in the operations of the activities in the field of environmental protection.
5. Educate the staff of the Association responsible attitude to the issue of environmental protection.
6. Constantly raise the level of consciousness and awareness of staff of the Association for the environmental aspects.
7. Analyze trends and develop in response to changes required documents and procedures in accordance with the requirements of environmental legislation, international principles of environmental management.
8. On the need to interact with the public utilities of the city.
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