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Certificates and licenses


«RTC» («РТС») LLP has licenses for the following activities:

Regarding Project activity:

  • Governmental license “For project activity (III category)”. Governmental system license No. 07745 from 15.10.2004
  • Design of the special sections of projects for organizing construction and work carrying out, estimation documents, automation, fire and security alarm devices, fire suppression system and fire extinguishing system.
  • Technological designing of transportation infrastructure, communication objects including its service;  
  • Planning and design of telecommunication scheme for cities and settlements with locating infrastructure objects and information sources
  • Projecting engineering networks and systems, automation of technological processes, external and internal electric lighting with arrangement of infrastructure objects and information sources;
  • Projecting of engineering networks and systems, automation of technological processes, systems of internal and external electric lighting, internal and external heating systems, ventilation, conditioning, refrigeration, gas supplying systems.



  • Governmental license “For elaborating and realization of means of cryptographic protection” No. 167 dated 16.11.2012


  • Governmental license “For construction and installation works (II category)”

Governmental system license No. 016440 from 15.10.2004

  • Developing of engineering networks and systems including capital repair and reconstruction of ventilation, air conditioning, pneumatic transport and aspiration, internal and external electricity supplying and heating systems and also Power supply system of railway roads and air transportation enterprises networks.   
  • Mounting of technological equipment,  commissioning activities associated with fire safety, alarm, signaling, power electricity and water supplying system facilities, devices for accounting and control for production purposes.         
  • Special construction and mounting works for developing of line facilities including repair and reconstruction;
  • Special works in the ground for creating the foundation;
  • Creating of bearing and limiting constructions of buildings and facilities, likewise  roofing works, creating of monolithic and as well mounting of concrete and reinforced concrete structures, installation of metal structures


Activity of «RTC» («РТС») LLP certified to comply requirements of worldwide standards ISO 9001,  ISO 140001,  OHSAS 18001:

  • In worldwide IQNet network;
  • In Russian Register certification system;
  • In the certification system of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

System of Management Quality embedded to the company since 2006.

  • Certificate of compliance of Management Quality System СТРКИСО 9001-2009
  • Certificate of compliance of Management System ИСО 9001-2008
  • Certificate of compliance to Worldwide ISO 9001:2008 standard from IQNet 
  • Certificate of compliance of Ecological Management System СТРКИСО 14001-2006 
  • Certificate of compliance of Ecological Management  System ИСО 14001-2004
  • Certificate of compliance to Worldwide ISO 14001:2004 standard from IQNet 
  • Certificate of compliance of Management of Professional safety and health OHSAS  18001-2008
  • Certificate of compliance for Management system of Professional safety and labor protection OHSAS  18001-2007
  • Certificate of compliance to Worldwide ISO 18001:2007 standard from IQNet 

 Below there are scanned copies of certificates and licenses of  “RTC" (“PTC”) LLP.


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