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Hi-FOCuS 5 - Multiservice Multiplexer

Hi-FOCuS 5 equipment represents the family of the most modern multiservice multiplexers of wideband access. Operators have an opportunity to choose different types of subscriber access multiplexers depending on required number of ports and installation place. All DSLAMs of the family based on the same platform, use uniform cards and was made, by complementing each other, to create optimal scalable solution for any access network. Hi-FOCuS 5 platform management is provided with help of flexible scalable OPS management system.

 Suggested solutions of subscriber access Hi-Focus by ECI Telecom Company, based on experience in creation of wideband access networks, accumulated for years. The following principles considered as basis in design:

• The most comprehensive using of possibilities in technologies xDSL and PON for organizing maximum number of the most modern services.
• Minimize of capital costs on the first stage of network deployment.
• System scalability, allows capacity expansion of installed equipment if necessary.
• Equipment shall support latest technologies and allow to upgrade devices, ensuring extension of its lifetime and investment saving.
• Access network manageability for mass deployment, ease and convenience of monitoring and control system.
• Reliability of equipment and network shall provide support of operator reputation and reduce operational costs.
• The most complete embedded in the use of xDSL, PON technology capacity to organize the maximum number of cutting-edge services. 
• Minimize capital expenditure in the first phase of network deployment. 
• The scalability of the system, which allows capacity expansion of the installed equipment as needed. 
• The equipment must support the latest technologies and allow upgrades to ensure the extension of his life and the preservation of investments 
• Control access network for mass deployment, simplicity and ease of monitoring and control. 
• Reliability of equipment and networks to ensure the maintenance of the reputation of the operator and lower operating costs.

This platform supports wide range of subscriber interfaces:

• ADSL, ADSL2, ADSL 2 + (A Ann, Ann B, L Ann, Ann M)

The feature of Hi-FOCuS platform is presence of the unique function of multilevel multicasting,  required for TV-broadcasting services. Also, IGMP Fast Leave, IGMP proxy etc. Mechanisms supported by default.

Remote Line Powering. The patented system of remote line powering (RLP) by ECI Telecom allow operator to provide services from any location, eliminating the need for the local power supply of Remote access multiplexor (RAM). Power supplied over existing copper pairs at the distance of 4 km from the central PBX.

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