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3M Passport readers

Modern security systems and sales need fast and reliable devices for scanning and recognition of passports.

Passport readers are designed to optimize verification process of documents and can significantly increase the capacity of passport control services, while improving the accuracy of the received information.

RTE 8000 / RTE 9000 - multifunctional scanner for documents.

RTE 8000/RTE 9000 is the multi-purpose scanner designed to read information from the passports, visas and other documents and variety of images for identification and biometric analysis.

The small size makes it ideal for use at the check-in desks and security checkpoints. The absence of moving parts in the device ensures reliability and eases the use.

Full-page scanning and reading of information from a document format ID-1 (ID card), ID-2 (Passport Card, Visa), ID-3 (passport) in different spectrum of light (UV, IR, 3M, white), as well as ability to read and verify the authenticity of the following information: OCR (Optical character recognition), 1D and 2D bar codes, RFID chip.

• Scans color and black-and-white images on all kinds of documents.
• High-speed USB2.0 interface
• Optional USB-port connectivity for cameras, fingerprint scanners, and other necessary equipment.
• A simple interface  of  the software allows  the user  to choose and to install the necessary parameters, the type of scan, the scan quality, etc.
• The equipment isn’t associated with specific software and can be easily integrated to any specialized software.
• Small size - 200mm x 191m

RTE6700/RTE6701 - multifunctional scanner for documents.

RTE6700/RTE6701 is a compact multi-purpose device for reading documents, perfectly satisfies the needs of processing the passenger traffic.
Combining magnetic and optical information reading abilities, RTE6700/RTE6701 captures data from passports, visas, travel cards, TAT, coupons ATS, bills and magnetic stripe cards.
RTE6700/RTE6701 makes the movement of passengers in the terminal building and immigration areas easy. It improves the speed of transactions with customers, making it easier to work on the check-in desks and ticketing offices.
Using RTE6700/RTE6701 by the international airlines gives their passengers the opportunity to assess the benefits of Advance passenger information system (APIS). In addition to all this the reader can capture check number of air tickets: TAT and ATB, as well as FSN and ticket numbers. The integrated system of bar codes reading is capable to quickly capture bar codes of IATA from TAT. This information can be used to prevent counterfeiting of tickets, for the calculation of profit and profit management. MSR register quickly collects data from flyers, credit cards and ATB to provide them into your main computer.
Action consists of a simple hand movement provides information once it was read from the document. Its compact design and small basement are make this reader ideal to be installed on the surface of the table with little free space. Freely rotating basis for a table increases the space on the table, improves security, hides the cables and makes the use of the device as easy as possible.
Industry standard interfaces allow to easy integrate RTE6700/RTE6701 into existing systems, and an auxiliary port provides the ability to connect the RTE640D codes scanner or other serial devices.


• Reading passports, visas, travel cards and other documents conform to ICAO 9303 standard.
• Reading of the magnetic stripes on ATB, flyers, and credit cards.
• Reading SCN, TKT and FSN numbers in order to avoid fake tickets, profits counting and management.
• Easy movement of your arm and high-speed reading require minimum of training.
• High level of reading accuracy
• Small basement area with fully integrated electronics.
• Lack of moving parts increases reliability and maintenance.
• Simple connection - RS 232 or converter to a PC keyboard.
• Flexible configuration of the loaded program in order to make it easy to improve the device and alternative interface.
• The rotating corner stand for the desk hides cables and reduces theft risk.
• Brackets for the wall or the shelf.
• Reader for smart cards.
Reading capabilities (optical reader)
• Machine Readable Passports (MRP), 2 lines of 44 characters, in compliance with ICAO Document 9303.
• Visas, with a machine-readable code (MRM), 2 lines of 44 characters (full size), 2 lines of 36 characters (size II) in accordance with ICAO Document 9303.
• Travel card, Machine Readable, 2 lines of 36 characters (size II), 3 lines of 30 characters (size I) in accordance with ICAO Document 9303.
• Bank bills, MICR EI 3B encoded in ISO 1004.
• Tickets IATA (TAT and ATB) with font 407-E, 1403M, OCRB and OCRA (standard font for the optical reading).
• Documents TAT & OPTAT with bar codes corresponding to 2 of 5 IATA industry standards.
Reading capabilities (magnetic reader):
• ATB with four lanes in accordance with IATA 722e standard for ATB-1, ATB 2, MCO and MPD coupons.
• Credit cards with 3 lanes in accordance with ISO (International Organization for Standardization) 7811/2-5

Standard interfaces:

User-configurable serial RS232: 300, 1200, 4800, 9600, 19200 baude. 7 or 8 data bits. Cable into keyboard break. Internal PC/AT, PS/2.
Optional interfaces: USB and the input/output terminal.
Serial RS-232 protocols:
Standard RTE, CUTE/NT plus, MUSE/NT, CREWS, TECS or upon the request from customer
Operator’s Indicators:
2 x user LED, power/self-test LED and buzzer.
Power requirements:
Standard power supply: Alternating Current, 100-250 Vac, 47-63 Hr, Direct current: 5 Vdc
Dimensions: 228 mm (L) x 85 mm (W) x 82 mm (H) 
Weight - 0.7 kg
Temperature 5 - 40 ° C 
Humidity 40% - 90%


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