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RTC company offers different models of signature scanners made by Topaz SignatureGem 


SignatureGem are reliable scanners for signatures of different sizes, with the handle for digitization. Scanners for signatures SignatureGem allow obtaining digital signatures from paper, including various documents, receipts, etc. Pen of SignatureGem signatures scanner is replaceable and easy to use. The power supply of the scanner is made through a variety of interfaces depending on the model.

Scanners for signatures support the following types of software:

Standard software:

• Manufacturer Services (ActiveX, Java and J2ME, C++,.NET, Tablet PC,Unix/Linux)
• Additional Plug-Ins (MS Word, Excel Adobe Acrobat)
• Applications and utilities (SigPlus Adjust, SigTool Imager, SignMeIn)
• Inspection and monitoring (SigValid, SigCompare, SigAnalyze)