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Currently, the highest priority for all operators is to provide high-quality telecommunication services to their subscribers. The Virtual Subscriber solution for the quality assessment of services provides an adequate quality control of telecommunication services provided to subscribers.

This product allows carriers and service providers to assess the quality of services from the customers’ point of view and to receive quality assessment of service perception (QoE - Quality of Experience).

The principle of the Virtual Subscriber lies in the constant consumption of telecommunications services, a report on the quality of which is regularly provided to operators and service providers.

The application simulates the activity of subscribers and analyzes the network behavior, ensuring the provision of accurate information about the availability and quality of subscriber services.

This approach has a row of serious advantages in comparison with all other methods of network monitoring, one of them is the possibility to discover and remove failures before customers meet them in practice. This solution allows the real comparison with the quality of similar services from competitors at any time and at any point in the network.

Virtual subscriber covers various types of services from voice transmission, video, various messages and other data and including the billing and payment systems (pre-paid) control, Internet portal and customer service.


  • suitable for every kind of networks (mobile, fixed, Cellular (2G, 3G, 3.5 G), WiMAX, Landline, SIP, PRI, xDSL);
  • automation of routine inspections of any subscription services;
  • pass-through (e2e) inspection of service quality perception (QoE), independent from the network architecture, the technology used and the vendors of network elements;
  • simplifying the implementation of supplementary services (VAS);
  • comparison with the quality of similar services from competitors;
  •  discover of problems before users meet them;
  • a single platform for all services, low operating costs for application / service.



Using a virtual subscriber, you can avoid:

  • losses of profit;
  • low services adaptation;
  • poor satisfaction with the quality of services provided.
 The solution fot the assessment of the service quality (Virtual Subscriber) is easy to deploy due to:

  • lack of integration;
  • variety of services and network protocols;
  • simplicity and clarity;
  • unified service platform;
  • no need to attract external resources.

Departments that might be interested in this product:

  • operation and monitoring of the network;
  • responsible for the quality of networks and services;
  • income protection;
  • development and implementation of VAS;
  • marketing and PR;
  • drive-test;
  • check automation of pred / post production;
  • roaming services;
  • reporting to the regulator regarding the quality of services and tariffs.