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Media Gateways are key elements to migrate to the new generation networks NGN, because they interconnect existing traditional TDM networks (with circuit switching) and networks infrastructure with packet switching.

Voice Gateways and bandwidth optimization
Product Line of voice gateways I-Gate 4000 enables efficient coding of voice signals and provides high-quality of voice transmission over packet switched networks, which is identical to the quality of wired networks of traditional telephony.


Product No. of DS0 Channels Channel density Applications Example 
I-Gate 4000 EDGE 496 Low Extension of VolP network to carrier edge
I-Gate 4000 SBO 2.016 Medium International VolP market
I-Gate 4000 PRO 12.960 High Carriers providing domestic telephony services



Compact I-Gate 4000 EDGE Media Gateway of Carrier Class made by «Veraz Networks» company was  specially designed for the telephone operators who wish to decentralize their network and to increase the presence of IP technology on its periphery, gaining the following benefits:
  • Optimization of capital and operating expenses when deploying the VoIP networks on the basis of geographically dispersed network nodes with low and medium density of ports.
  • Flawless quality of carrier-class voice communication which is comparable to today's circuit-switched networks (PSTN) and which allows increasing the average length of connections and the degree of customer confidence. Complete continuity in the provision of voice, fax and data safety, including their complete billing.

Media Gateway I-Gate 4000 EDGE uses the latest and the most sophisticated technologies of digital signal processing (DSP), originally designed by «Veraz Networks» company, and sets a new quality standard in packet telephony, at the same time completely preserving in all network nodes all the capabilities of voice, fax, and data transfer services.

Combining the unique levels of performance, scalability and reliability with open interfaces based on generally accepted international standards, I-Gate 4000 EDGE is a powerful platform for building next-generation networks, both for existing and for new providers of communication services.