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Today companies in their work is increasingly relying on e-mail rather than on phone. With the increasing of security threats, such as spam and viruses, organizations have to protect its mail infrastructure.

IronPort C-Series is reliable, accessible, easy in operation device created for the email protection. IronPort C-Series was specially designed for little and medium enterprises.  

IronPort C-Series provides strongest perimeter protection, simultaneously reducing costs on support of reliable, secure mail infrastructure, and warrants high reliability of crucial mail. These devices built on its own Operating system IronPort AsyncOS. Optimized for message transmission, AsyncOS is the foundation, which allows to one device IronPort C-series to process mail more than 10 times more effective, than usual system based on Unix.

Furthermore, to this excellent scalable platform, IronPort offers multiple security applications for filtering of the spam and viruses, scanning the content and implementation of the politics.  

• Protects from viruses, prevents intrusion of malware and spy software on the computers of your network via infected letters;
• Protects from spam);
• Configured with strict according with your requirements and problems.
• Easily scalable to provider’s size;
• Has powerful management and reporting tools;
• Refers to "Set & Forget" type, i.e. device after installation and setting up appropriate politics works independently and does not require extra  from the administrator.

Line of IronPort products

IronPort C150 is recommended for organizations with email users up to 1000. IronPort 150 built on the same powerful platform, which protects infrastructures of email for more than 2000 companies around the world.  

IronPort C350 - is recommended for organizations with email users from 1000 to 5000.

IronPort C650 – Protects systems of email of 500 large American and 2000 worldwide companies around the world as well as internet-providers. IronPort C650 is recommended for organizations with email users more than 5000.

IronPort X1050 – For the largest corporations and internet-providers. These devices allow to process up to 1 million messages per hour.