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WEB-traffic’ become the main channel of threats with obvious risk. Existing means of protection on gateways seems to be unable to handle with big amount of malware, by this remain corporate network in danger.  Speed, variety and destructive action of the web-attacks  emphasize on the necessity of rigid, secure platform, which is able to protect perimeter of network from such threats. In addition to security threats caused by malware, uncontrolled WEB-traffic also threatens to the productivity of staff and, respectively, to the law requirements in cases of inappropriate using the WEB by employees.

Deices of WEB-security IronPort S-Series is the first solution among competitors, combines traditional URL filtering, reputation filtering and malware filtering. By combining these innovative technologies, IronPort S-Series helps to handle with problems of protection and control of WEB-traffic.

                        Innovative security platform, providing unsurpassed performance and accuracy

Devices IronPort S-Series help enterprises to protect and control Web-traffic, combining secure proxy of application layer for the Web-traffic, means of Layer 4 traffic monitoring (L4), and IronPort Dynamic Vectoring and

Streaming (DVS) EngineTM – elaborate scanning and vectorization system, originally created for solving problems in respect with scanning of  Web-transactions and objects.
Fast Web-proxy provides control of all Web-traffic and possibility of deep analysis of content, which is critical for accurate localization of malware. The first in industry implementation of cashing, based on reputation, allows to perform fast delivery of secure objects and content to the end user.

Based on the AsyncOSTM Operation system of IronPort, Web-proxy can easily provide high performance and high bandwidth even in the largest networks.  

IronPort URL FiltersTM (URL filters) represents the largest basis and the highest accuracy in control of Web-content. These filters compare Web-requests of user with set administrator’s politics for 52 preset (and unlimited number of custom) categories.  
The first in history Web reputation filters provide powerful external protection layer. Used SenderBase®, IronPort

Web Reputation FiltersTM analize more than 50 different parameters regarding to the external traffic and network activity for accurate determination of site reliability.  

Advanced anti-virus system IronPort Anti-Malware SystemTM uses IronPort DVS system and different scanning systems (the first - Webroot) in order to provide reliable protection from wide range of threats from the Web. These threats include all: from advertisement applications, fishing and farming attacks to more dangerous threats, as Trojans, worms, monitors and kilogers.  
System IronPort DVS was created to provide solution, integrated in one device, uses multiple types of signatures from different manufacturers.  

Powerful tools of management and reporting IronPort Web Security ManagerTM allow to create unified politics for all filters and provide granulated options for organizations, based on authenticated or unauthenticated users.
Administrators control all politics of  Web-access (including URL- filtering, reputational filtering and malware filtering) from the single location. Administrators create and control groups and users for all filtering services on the device.

IronPort Web Security MonitorTM provides valuable data as about Web-activity as a whole, and separately about detection and preventing threats in the network. These reports designed for providing actual and historical information.

MIB for SNMP allows enterprises to perform monitoring and alerts for key system parameters, like equipment state, performance and accessibility. System of alerts provides tracking of all system parameters – equipment, security, performance and accessibility.  
Integrated authentification over standard directories  (as LDAP or Active Directory) and possibilities to implement multiple authentification schemes (like NT LM or Basic) give to enterprises easiness while installing IronPort SSeries, allow to use existing authentification schemes and control of politics.  
Enhanced reporting allows organizations to track all Web-traffic, good and malware. Standard formats of logs include Apache, Squid or Squid-detailed – along with the possibilities to create its own formats and logs. Administrators can enable or disable reporting, set limits on the file size etc.

Line of products IronPort
IronPort S350 – Recommended for organizations with less than 5000 employees.
IronPort S650 - Recommended for organizations with more than 5000 employees.