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 Technology of static transit, realized in I-Gate 4000 EDGE and I-Gate 4000 PRO voice gateways from Veraz Networks, allows to perform compression of telephone traffic, including voice, data and alarms.  Unique mechanism of packet aggregation per directions, realized in voice gateways, provides 16:1 compression level with saving the same quality of data transmission.

Using of such high compression level provides considerable decreasing of operational expenses per bandwidth and considerable decreases time for Return On Investment.

Channels of static transit between voice gateways performed over the packet network.  As an infrastructure for the packet network can serve IP or TDM networks. Functionality of the static transit allows carriers to create unite packet transport network for transmission of telephone traffic and data traffic, provides effective and economic solution for migration to fully convergent packet network, without compromising the existing quality or stability. Implementation of the static transit technology does not have a connection with complicated procedures of rebuilding alarms and routing of the existing PSTN network. In fact, using voice gateways for organizing static compression connections is “transparent”, invisible for the existing PSTN network. Thus, while implementation of the static transit technology, topology of the existing PSTN network remains the same. Convenient and inexpensive graphic management system, performed on PC, allows to control hundreds of voice gateways, installed on the network.