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 ControlSwitch Interconnect (CS-IC) of «Veraz Networks» company is the control switch for IP-telephony, designed to provide smooth transition from the existing conventional networks of voice telephony to multimedia networks, constructed on principles of NGN/IMS. ControlSwitch CS-IC provides reliable interaction and transition of traffic for any combination of TDM and IP networks.   Platform ControlSwitch CS-IC built on the basis of the most modern module distributed architecture, which warrants flexibility, effective scalability and carrier-class highest reliability. Platform ControlSwitch CS-IC totally complies the newest standards 3GPP IMS, TISPAN and MSF, easily integrates with systems of other manufacturers and presents open interfaces for interaction with different media devices and IT-systems.   

Control Switch CS-IC Level 4 is ideal platform for achieving these and other aims. Unique feature of ControlSwitch CS-IC is its possibility to get a role of connection between diverse networks, packet protocols (like MGCP, H.323, SIP, H.248) and between conventional alarm of the worldwide network PSTN (SS7, PRI, CAS R1/R1.5/R2). Using ControlSwitch CS-IC as the network core, service-providers get necessary flexibility for the maximum usage of existing resources and for providing a wide range of the newest services for all kinds of connection. With help of ControlSwitch CS-IC the «Veraz Networks» company presents strategy of step by step and smooth migration to the IMS network for carriers, fully using made investments in the existing technologies.  Distributed architecture ControlSwitch CS-IC allows «Veraz Networks» company to offer the best suit of solutions in the industry, in accordance with multi-layer IMS model, complies with all requirements of the modern telecommunication market. Scalability, modularity and distribution of software elements, combined with standard hardware base allow to create cost-effective layer 4 switches of almost every size and performance of any purpose. Furthermore, solutions created on the base of  ControlSwitch CSIC can easily grow, change, increase new capabilities, give considerable economy of capital and operational costs. ControlSwitch CS-IC includes platform for creation of services based on configurable and dynamic load of XML service scripts.  This allows carriers to fast and effective create, adapt and embed diverse services, thus increase their competitiveness. Services and applications can be realized as in control switch itself, and on special application servers, including servers from third-party manufacturers.


• Multi-protocol support with different networks TDM, VoIP and IMS, networks convergence and transparent transit of multimedia traffic between diverse networks.
• Fast embedding of customized solutions, thanks to easiness of adaptation and expanding of the existing applications
• Cost-effective scalability, flexible capabilities of deployment.  
• Unified system of control of distributed network. 
• Centralized control of rightness of CDR and quality of connections.
• Geographically redundancy for providing continuity of business and alarm recovery in case of emergency.  
• Proved on practice compatibility and openness on every layer, allow to create comprehensive joint solutions on the basis of  equipment «Veraz Networks» and from third-party manufacturers.
• Comprehensive network security
• Built-in mechanism of dynamic providing of services quality.
• Easy integration with the existing IТ-infrastructure of carriers.
• Functionality of  Gateway MSC for mobile networks.
• Reliability of carrier-class.