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Septier Location Tracking (SLT) system is comprehensive and effective Location Based Service (LBS) platform for networks GSM/UMTS/CDMA, including the newest technologies along with Septier SLR (Subscriber Location Registry) and Open Standard APIs.
SLT system is fully compatible with 3GPP standards. In addition, it provides necessary scalability for support of diverse LBAs (Location Based Applications), required very big amount of location requests. System supports very high level of requests, more than 10,000 location determinations per second.
SLT uses different LCS technological sources, including: Septier SS7/IP passive samples, performing constant monitoring of signal infrastructure SS7/IP for extracting and consolidation of SS7/IP messages, including updates of location determination, using different relevant technologies, like TA, AGPS, EOTD, TOA etc.
Portfolio of  Septier LBS solution includes commercial services, emergency services, infrastructure of location determination for force structures (СОРМ), connection with relevant applications, the most modern platforms and cooperation with providers of different applications for location determination.  
In addition, system offers big number of Location Based Applications (LBA) and auxiliary services (Value Added Services), as: unite number, management of automobile park, zone billing etc.  

Variants of solution:

Active solutions
– Active solutions based on Septier's MPSTM (Mobile Positioning System) technology. MPS solution is an active solution, gives us an opportunity to determine location of cellphone without necessity of performing any modifications in mobile network.

Passive solutions
- Passive solutions based on Septier's RTLTM (Real Time Location) technology. It represents massive-passive system Cell-ID bult from the original samples. Passive system represents all information of location in the real time (Cell ID, Sector ID and TA - timing advance) received from message exchange between mobile network and cell phone (voice mail, SMS, information sessions, hand-over, registration, power up and power down).

A-GPS (active GPS)
- Septier Qualcomm SMLC Solution uses information, received from GPS satellites, from Wide Area Reference Network (WARN) and Advance Forward Link Trilateration (AFLT) for accurate (3-20 meters) determination of cell phone’s location.